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Lots of pressure on marketing teams to come up with more innovative ideas that are better than their competitors. But this is not easy, day to day marketing activities are becoming difficult. For this, technology can help them in form of Marketing Automation software.

Marketing Automation: Marketing Automation refers to the software that delivers personalized messages to customers. It helps you to identify potential customers and save marketers time and effort. By using automating technology users can send right messages more effectively, manage the marketing task better than others.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

• By automating steps in the process from marketing to sales, your team can get more time to focus on marketing strategy. That means they can have more prospects and more customers.

• By using Marketing Automation you can also have the more detailed picture of the behavior of potential customers. Automation software can help your team to understand where the customers in the purchasing life-cycle

• Helps to work more efficiently with customers. Sending personalized emails can generate revenue which is six times more than sending non-personalized messages.

• By Marketing Automation, you can encourage your customers to stay engaged longer with your business.

• Marketing Automation speeds up your business process for products and services with longer conversion cycles.

When you need Marketing Automation?

• To identify, track and engage with individual online buyers.

• To look at a list of customers.

• To point on customers based on decent and possibility to buy.

• To monitoring the revenue performance of your marketing campaigns

Marketing Automation platform offers to your business

• Lead nurturing

• Advanced email marketing

• Blended lead scoring and grading

• Forms and landing pages

• Prospects activity tracking

Users of Marketing Automation: Small to large, whatever your business size is, with the help of Marketing Automation you can have the power to achieve your marketing goals. You just need to identify what you want to achieve with Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation gives you the tools which help you to manage a large database without missing out on opportunities. It provides the framework that you need to empower your sales reps to sales smarter and transform therelationship between your sales and marketing teams.

Marketing automation tools and software: Marketing Automation used in CRM system, Eloqua work with CRM platform which involves with Oracle’s and Marketo, is an independent Marketing Automation platform, work with Salesforce, Oracle, and other CRM systems. HubSpot is also a popular automation tools which has its own CRM backbone.

So if you are using Marketing Automation tool for your business, it brings you a great opportunity for your business. But if you are not? What are you waiting for!

blog-icon 6 Best Marketing Automation tools for your business

There are so many choices for companies when choosing a Marketing Automation tools. Each and every tool has its own style and used for different purposes. The right choice of Marketing Automation can make a huge difference in your business. These tools are essential for both small and large venture. As we know modern tools are easy to use and affordable too, these tools are very helpful for small business to ensure better productivity and increased revenue. You need software to start your Marketing Automation journey.

We are here to discuss 6 best Marketing Automation software for you.

1. Infusionsoft: This is a sales and marketing software for small business that established a close connection to customers, helps to grow sales, save time, and manage the business. The tool helps your businesses to track and record leads behaviour, then scores individually based on ease of conversation. Pricing starts at $1999 per month.

2. Hubspot: Hubspot is an “inbound marketing software”, a strong solution for marketing. It helps you generate leads and sales by using real-time marketing data. Hubspot gives you everything for market automation but only a little bit. If you are looking for a suitable software, this tool is for you. Pricing starts at $200 per month.

3. Marketo: This is known as the mature marketing tool with a full suite of features to help marketers manage email campaigns and excellent tools for the sales team. They provide leading marketing software platforms for all sizes of companies to build sustainable customer relationships. They have no set-up fees! Monthly package starts from $895.

4. Eloqua: This software is fully loaded, provides excellent services and with the matching price tag. They spend time for teaching and helping their customers get the most benefit from their product. But if you don’t have the budget for it then skip it. Pricing starts at $2000 per month.

5. Companies that appreciate a lightweight and looking for advanced functionality with customization and flexibility can have this software. This is the tool that brings you what you really want. Pricing starts at $75 per month and also offer a free plan.

6. FreshBooks: This software makes financial management easy and enjoyable. For saving time and energy the cloud-based system is built to automate billing process and designed to settle accounts through Visa, PayPal, MasterCard with a multitude of different currencies. Pricing starts at $15 per month.

If you automate your business processes, this will ensure progress for your company. Each tool is made to help your business. You have to choose the right Marketing Automation tool on your budget and which can fulfil your demands too.

blog-icon How Marketing Automation could transform your business?

Marketers today need to run more campaigns in a short time, manage marketing complications, handle bulk data, track performance, make changes on the go, be innovative and provide results. Marketing Automation assists in all of the above. It’s software that allows automating marketing tasks, streamlining operations, building workflows and measuring marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation is all about optimization, starting from employee management to customer evaluation, along with automating the repetitive tasks done by your marketing department. There are lot of benefits that Marketing Automation can bring to your business. Here are few of them:

Here are the reasons how Internet of Things will critically influence marketing:

Monitor your staffing costs: Optimized performance is the key to any business, be it a start-up or any larger company. Automation software can increase the performance of one employee to compete with a 50-person marketing and sales department by optimising the requirements for any given campaign. It helps you to save time and performance both by developing customized automated content for e-mails every day.

Return on marketing investments: With the help of Marketing Automation, you can improve your cross-sells, up-sells, and client follow-ups. It may also help in evaluating marketing programs and their performance, based on their investments, demographics and behaviour (among other criteria). This assists in increasing the customer lifetime value too. You can also make an informed decision on where to get, by changing the course of a program.

Aligning marketing & sales teams: With this procedure, businesses can easily overcome the challenges and get qualified leads at the perfect time. Its birds-eye view reporting allows you to successfully catch leads and improve accountability of staff and departments. It also provides immediate and impartial feedback to increase the campaign effectiveness.

A personal communication: Everyone likes a customized email. The automation process can help you get rid of impersonal, ill-timed, or just completely irrelevant emails and make it more relevant. Its behavioural filters help you focus on customers based on their internet behaviour and increase its lead generation value.

Boost Marketing Campaign: Marketing Automation provides you with the ability to run and manage a multi-channel campaign to communicate with audiences, at the same time measuring its entire effort. You can also change and reconfigure your campaign to brand new landing page if in case the marketing plan changes. This software can help you create solutions to support these real-world business scenarios.

Do away with repetition: These tools leave time for your staff to work on more innovative projects once they get done with manual repetitive work. It increases employee’s productivity and effectiveness in a easier and cost effective way.

In Conclusion, the idea of using Marketing Automation software can both be a dream and a nightmare. With its wide research on choosing the right fit to actually finding one can take you to the next level of doing your business. It can do a lot more than just sending emails, by making a flexible and sophisticated system for better performance and lead generation.

blog-icon 6 reasons why Internet of Things (IoT) is essential for marketers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is considered one of the technological innovations that will shape our business future. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the inevitable technology that has already integrated with our lives very quickly. It offers everything you need in a more secure world. This technology has made sure that the world connects even better than before. According to Cisco, by 2020 about 50 billion devices will be connected turning this into a reality.

Here are the reasons how Internet of Things will critically influence marketing:

1. Instantaneous Customer Analytics: IoT enables customer resource management tools by which gathering and organising data will be simple also efficiently and accurately analyse data, providing actionable results about the consumer base. The devices connected to internet of things help understand where prospects are in their shopping journey and lets marketers serve them the right information to close a deal.

2. Personalizing Marketing: Successful marketing necessitates relevant content at the appropriate stage in the sales, from awareness to advocacy. IoT tech significantly improves the timing and delivery of marketing messages and collateral. The ability to target buyers and tailor the sales pitch and marketing to fit the prospect’s interests can drive higher conversion rates.

3. Predictive Social Media: The Internet of Things is optimised for social media use. Marketers who could predict the development of socialcommunities and focus their efforts toward these communities would be able to reach prospective customers that previously may not have been available. The marketers could determine and monetise emerging new trends with better-targeted campaigns.

4. The rise of IoT apps: IoT will soon become a part of your everyday life, and will heavily influence the app development trends in 2018. IoT will serve everywhere from town planning and healthcare to home automation. And this is something that app companies cannot ignore. Marketing for apps will be more significant than ever, and with mobile phones being such an integral part of IoT controls and devices, apps will become a much bigger necessity in everyday lives.

5. A Strong Boost in Efficiency: A solid marketing strategy does not only promise a successful implementation but also efficient maintenance that will ensure operations run smoothly. The IoT is a cost-effective solution that will minimalize spending and the time the buyer waits for replenishment. It can have an incredible use when it comes to efficiency.

6. Engaging in Real-Time: Timing is key in B2B sales, and engaging potential buyers at the right time is a big problem for both marketing and sales teams. With IoT, marketers can engage with prospects at the right time, such as the instant they are engaging on your website or with a targeted ad.

The Internet of Things is important for marketers because of its tremendous potential and it can gather vast amounts of data. By using it, marketers can and will change the way they engage with customers, how they listen and know precisely when and where to arrive with the right message. Without a doubt, The Internet of Things is a growing trend that many people see value in.

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CRO: An Overview

Many of us know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure for improving the rankings of a website in search engine results. But, are you also familiar with Conversion Rate Optimization? If so, give yourself a quick pat on the back. The rest of you might want to continue reading.

CRO is the procedure for converting a website visitor into a customer through a successful online experience. You can generate as much traffic to your website as possible, but if your website visitors aren't signing up for your newsletter, requesting a demo, or buying your product then what is the point?

So let's break it down, what is CRO and how does it work. The simple version of CRO is how to interact with your website. The term was born from the idea of "online lead generation" as the company of online marketing grew throughout the early 2000s. With more of the marketing budget being assigned to online business strategies, marketers had to find a method to measure activity on their website.

What does it do?

Conversion Rate Optimization guides an online business to organize their website in a better way so it is simple for the customers to use and get the information associated with the product they are searching. If your website is sluggish due to excessive JavaScript or graphics displays you will lose customers. By applying CRO this can be removed.

The Conversion Rate Optimization is a specialized industry that has long success record in almost every segment of the market.

Why use Conversion Rate Optimization?

•This is a “now” generation and people want to make their purchases now! The reason they use the internet is to save time and complications from going out to stores to stores.

•Proper keyword research and reviews will assist your online business show high in search engine results. Using specific and relevant keywords and phrases will entice new clients when the listing is viewed. This makes it much easier for the consumer to click on your website and view the product, making a quick purchase of the product or service if they desire.

•When a website is arranged using Conversion Rate Optimization it will increase traffic growth and sales revenue.

In conclusion, CRO is not more or less important than SEO. You need SEO to drive visitors to your website, and you need CRO to turn those visitors into customers, readers or clients.

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the significant strategies that separates the modern digital mastermind from marketers and advertisers of the past. In fact, CRO is what allows us to improve our marketing efforts exponentially quicker than marketers with traditional advertising methods ever could.

What is Conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization is the art of transforming more visitors on your website into your goals (e.g. sales or leads). By increasing your conversion rate, you increase your website sales or leads without actually needing more traffic.

CRO is made up of four overlapping main elements – web analytics, user experience (UX), website persuasion and A/B testing. Making strong use of these techniques will develop your chances of improving your conversion rates, and therefore the sales or leads.

Web analytics: For determining your website sales and conversion performance, and to generate website improvement insights from your key pages and traffic sources. Tools like Google Analytics are essential for this.

User experience (UX): Researching and fixing your website visitor’s needs and issues (via reviews and surveys), and applying web usability best practices to improve their user experience (increasing flow and reducing barriers).

Website persuasion: Using psychology and influence techniques to get your visitors to convert much more often into sales or leads.

A/B testing: To help you A/B test and discover which modifications of your website improvement insights convert more visitors into sales or leads.

Benefits of doing CRO for your website: In a few words, the biggest benefit is that it can help you generate much more revenue from your website. Here are some of the excellent advantages of doing CRO:

• CRO is a method for identifying problem areas with your website and fixing them in order to improve your website’s performance.

• From your marketing spend (paid search, social networking etc), helps to maximize the return on investment.

• CRO isn’t about driving more traffic, but about making sure those visitors convert into customers.

Conversion rate optimization might be performed personally by company online marketers or business owners on tight marketing budget plans or contracted out to CRO professionals as multi-billion dollar company do. A well carried out conversion rate optimization might increase online sales a maximum of by 100%. Marketing expenses might be rapidly decreased and the results of CRO might be longer than expected.

blog-icon Big Data in marketing is a revolution for brands

Big data is the biggest game-changing opportunity and paradigm shift for marketing since the innovation of the phone or the Internet going popular. Nowadays we stand on the edge of another trend, as Big Data is widely acknowledged as an innovation that will significantly impact the global economy. As marketing holds new concepts like Big data and goes from an art to a science, there needs to be a change in skills, processes, societies and responsibility. With 90 percent of data created during the last 2 years, Big Data in marketingcause prospective opportunities for businesses to engage to get customers. Through analytics, companies can get valuable customers and increase productivity.

Big data changing the skills required in marketing today by following ways:

Customer engagement: Big data, together with analytics, can deliver ideas to customer locations, needs and contact details, helping companies identify and focus on prospective customers. Customized communications can be built by transforming customer data from social media, recommendations and other sources into actionable insights that focus on customers’ individual needs.

Customer loyalty: The proliferation of Big Data in marketing can also provide understanding into what impacts customer loyalty. Companies can compare potential spending with current customer spending, which allows them to focus on acquiring high-value customers. Additionally, through peer review techniques and social media, companies can efficiently focus, grow and retain customers.

Tracking Impact and ROI: Many retailers have introduced loyalty card systems that monitor the purchases of a customer, but Big Data can also monitor which promotions and incentives are most effective in motivating a group of customers or a single customer to make another purchase.

Managing reputation: Big Data in marketing can help companies monitor their brand mentions through technique like hashtag presence very easily across different social channels and websites to locate unfiltered recommendations, opinions, and views about their company and products. The smartest can also utilize social media to offer service to the customers and create a reliable brand presence.

Empowering small businesses: The corporate world of the past all too often saw enterprise size businesses with the upper hand through vast amounts of data and market research. Big Data systems make this a thing of the past and today even the smallest of business can compete with the big boys with equal access to market insight.

Big Data in marketing and sales management is a goldmine, waiting to be excavated for numerous possibilities. You need to think beyond immediate revenues to make the most of it.

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When we talk about data wearing our digital marketing hats, the first thing comes our mind is about Google Analytics. We think about Google trends also. We think about the data from our PPC bid management software. We think about all those social media likes, Twitter posts, conversions and sales. Big Data is much more than that, but at the same time, big data has a huge influence on digital your brand and boosting results. Below are few tips for a better Instagram marketing:

So why businesses use Big Data in digital marketing and what they can do to keep up with their competitors is listed below:

Understanding target audience: Big data analysis helps digital marketers better understand their target audience. This helps you create better buyer personas and ideal customer profiles. When you get complete access to your target audience data, creating highly targeted content and marketing campaigns get easier.

Customized marketing campaigns: Big data helps you create highly specific marketing campaigns with personalized ad copy, offers, and landing pages on right channels. Removes consolidated data related to customers, products, sales and marketing campaigns to reduce its time to launch a new marketing campaign from 8 weeks to a single week.

Marketing budget management: You don’t have an unlimited marketing budget to deliver results. In fact, securing enough marketing budget is the third biggest challenge that digital marketers face. Thanks to big data. By investing your marketing budget on right channels, target market and products, it helps you maximize ROI.

Uplift the sales chart: Big Data in digital marketing has automated the entire sales activity and helped marketers to create more effective algorithmic marketing model for their business. The model uses self-directing and advanced data examination to establish an appropriate and valuable customer relationship.

Conversion Optimization: The need to craft our on-site content in such a way to decrease bounce rate, improveclick-through rate and increase conversions is a no-brainer. Yet the degree to which Big Data in digital marketing can help to accomplish these goals easily.

Planning the future: The need to craft our on-site content in such a way to decrease bounce rate, improveclick-through rate and increase conversions is a no-brainer. Yet the degree to which Big Data in digital marketing can help to accomplish these goals easily.

Brand marketers and sales professionals have clearly embraced the era of big data along with its ever-increasing challenges. Forbes predicts companies will be increasing use of big data analytics 5X by 2020. In a crux, Big Data in digital marketing is a wave that’s arrived.

blog-icon A guide to Instagram marketing tips that actually works

From the boom in the reputation of Instagram Stories to the latest development of marketing opportunities—it’s a fun time to be using Instagram for business. Thanks to Instagram, Now any business owner is able to significantly increase their brand’s existence, and crush sales and conversions. In fact, within two weeks of using Instagram, they can increase customer conversion rate by up to 30%. How can your company get the most out of Instagram marketing? This informative article includes everything from getting started and making a content strategy, to building your brand and boosting results. Below are few tips for a better Instagram marketing:

Create a Powerful Business Bio: When you make an effective business bio, it makes a visible difference to how you get noticed by others. Your Instagram bio should clearly describe what your company does, the type personality it has and gets people to take action.

Be a storyteller: To generate massive engagement, post interesting stories which will attract a large audience. Make photos and videos which will show your brand story and values. If you want to increase your brand and sales, pictures and videos are essential. Another Instagram marketing tip which we would suggest is to make photos and videos which include your brand story and values as they will help increase your sales.

Host giveaways: Who does not be in love with freebies? You can create a ‘like to win’ contest, posting photos using a hashtag you provide, ‘tag friends to win’ or you can create a contest specific hashtag. Use this to build massive engagement by running hashtag contests, photo and referral contests.

Linking Instagram with Facebook: Did you know that customers are more likely to trust the opinion of their colleagues than the brand itself, so partnering with an influencer to communicate your brand concept is the main reason

Maintain Consistency: One more Instagram marketing tip is maintaining consistency, because it builds your fan and followers. Remain reliable in your posts and build a topic that is popular with you. Let your followers know what to expect from you.

There is no doubt of Instagram’s power and reach as it has 700 million per month effective customers. Though it’s majorly used by B2C, it holds great potential for B2B companies as well. What was once a simple photo sharing app has transformed into an immersive experience that allows customers to investigate a company’s visual identity.


blog-iconVideo marketing: The king of content marketing

Every marketer knows content is a significant part of attracting, engaging and converting customers online. However, content can come in many variations, from blogging to webinars and info-graphics. At the moment, the current king of content is video.

The attributes of video marketing and how it is changing the face of business:

A) The video itself isn't new, but its application for business is changing in a big way, appearing new possibilities for marketers like never before and impacting small and big companies as well

B) Customer hunger for video is voracious. Video consumption is the cornerstone of most online marketing strategies

Below are some of the reasons describing how the video marketing has become the crown of content marketing:

1. Google Likes Videos: Videos allow you to increase the time spend by visitors on your website. Thus, longer exposure develops trust and signals search engines that your website has good and valuable content

2. Increased Customer Conversions: The biggest reason for using video in your content marketing plan is Video converts more customers. 71% of marketer’s studies have shown that video conversation rates overtake other marketing medium engagement level

3. Higher Engagement: We’ve heard over and over that video marketing is the key to engagement. So when you’re considering what types of content to schedule on social networks in the coming weeks, think video: audiences are about 10 times more likely to engage, embed, share, and comment on video content than blogs or related any other content

4. Stronger Emotional Connections: The video is the most effective way to create an emotional connect. It’s King because it offers a number of features above and beyond traditional content like a tone of voice, facial expression, and music, to name a few

5. Speaking of quality and values: Thoughtfully-designed scenes and overall high-quality production speak about the requirements you hold your company to. Videos not only tell your story but the type of qualities your brand values

6. On-Demand Market: Videos have been a big hit with the public and 43% customers expect that marketers will use videos even more in the future. Currently four common video genres are being targeted by businesses including– product demos, testimonials, tutorials and explainers.

Video marketing is mainly used nowadays to engage more customers and some reports suggest video will be responsible for 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Indeed, the video is the future of content marketing, with more than one-half of surveyed marketers showing that video delivers the best ROI.

blog-iconAn effective guide to Influencer Marketing

The role of branding in modern business is beginning to change. And like it or hesitant it, the role of the influencers for brands is better than ever. Marketers are dedicating more and more time and resources to influencer marketing. Here are the benefits of including influencers to bolster your social strategy:

1. Generates ROI:

It has been seen that influencer content generates ROI that is 11 times higher than traditional digital campaigns. From the minute an influencer speaks about your products or services, sales generation starts.

2. Engaged content:

Influencers are the queens and kings of content creation, moving out part after part of high-quality, engaging content. Engaging content will highlight your brand on search engines.

3. Value to Your Audience:

Influencer marketing embraces this concept, as influencers are already in tune with the requirements of the people they serve. In turn, you can easily influence their content to give value to your audience.

4. Build Brand Awareness:

Influencers are the link between a brand and its market awareness, it’s that simple! While influencers do generate leads and sales as well, the brand awareness they develop is unique in traditional PR strategies.

5. A Reliable Voice:

Did you know that customers are more likely to trust the opinion of their colleagues than the brand itself, so partnering with an influencer to communicate your brand concept is the main reason.

6. Make Connections:

Influencers engage with their followers and your brand. Without that mutual connection or middleman, if you will, it's a lot more complicated to build that connection.

These are some of the benefits of including influencers in your marketing campaigns. Selecting the right influencer and creating an effective campaign can be a game changer for your business. You’ll be able to manage your own brand kingdom.

blog-iconAn effective guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is like a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, placing it into a modern day content-driven marketing campaign and taking the concept of the celebrity endorsement. The results of the campaign usually depends on the effectiveness of collaboration between a influencer and a brand. Here is a guide to Influencer marketing for entrepreneurs.

Determine your goals: The first step to execute an effective influencer marketing program is to set your objectives and find out what you want to achieve. You need to work out which analytics you will use to evaluate success based on those objectives. This helps you get a clear idea what you need to do order to achieve your goals.

Know your audience: Every effective advertising technique, whether influencer marketing or not, starts with thorough audience research. It is an especially essential part of influencer marketing. First, you need to know who your target audience is and only then can you begin your search for people who influence the views and decisions of your target market.

Trust influencers: In influencer marketing, you will either co-create content with influencers or guide influencers to create the type of content you need. This content should be able to engage the right audience and spread your message successfully.

Tell a visible story: Share your brand message with images and rich media so it’s simpler for your audience to plug with you. Customers feel more connected when they can watch real videos and see actual benefits of using a product, service or anything that makes their lives simpler.

Rank higher: Find the most appropriate and ideal keywords for your posts. You can use keyword research tools to help you in finding the best-targeted keywords for your brand and services. Once you determine what keywords you should be using, integrate them into your content strategy and make sure your influencer is using the targeted keywords in all of their content, blogs, social media.

Measure the result: Once you have effectively implemented the marketing program, it is now time to evaluate the results of the campaign. You need to check whether the results are in-line with the goals that were set by you at the starting of the influencer marketing campaign. You also need to see how well your campaign has conducted.

Influencer marketing is not buzz but a must-know strategy. It adds value to brands more than those ways that conventional marketing can. Nowadays, it is one of the very best and most effective marketing techniques circulating online.

blog-iconWhy a relevant app development is a key for user’s growth?

Nowadays, almost every business and service is operated by mobile applications which also proves to be handy for its consumers. So, without any doubt we can say that mobile applications are at the core of the heart of any business and service. The most important factor which is the key for the active user’s growth of any kind of mobile application and ultimately the business to whom it belongs to is a relevant app development. If there is no relevance between the actual user requirement and the features of that app, the users would not find it useful and ultimately they will scrap its usage and installation of that app would be hampered which in turn would harm the business associated with it. So, while creating an app, one should keep in mind that an app development process which lacks the thorough research and understanding of its potential users might tend to fail.

Features should fulfil the user’s requirement: Through an app development process, the priority should be that the app features should fascinate the target segment. For example, if we are creating a mobile app for the sports audience, then it should have an interface design and user experience which can resonate the sports ideology and feel.

Should be handy for the end users: Whatever we are creating, we do need to ensure that an app development process should result in a smoother experience for the end users. If the users will not find it useful, they will be less interested to use that app and refer it to other people.

blog-icon6 engaging Facebook strategies for small business

Facebook is a great platform to create awareness for a small business. However, it can be challenging for a business owner to know where to begin when it comes to their existence on the social networking site. So keep your pen ready, and keep in mind of these Facebook strategies for small business that you can use for your company:

1. Read People’s Mind: The most important point to keep in mind is that the key good purpose why everyone is on Facebook is to hang out. They are not on there to buy things. If you try the immediate or try to sell you to Facebook members you will don't succeed. The best way to begin is to set up a company page on Facebook and invite people to like your page by posting relevant content

2. Compel people to "like" your page: Don't expect people to immediately" like" your page without doing anything; because they won't. It will take a lot of effort for the flow of leads to come pouring continuously. You'll have to generate it through marketing, marketing, and a lot of marketing. Keep in mind you're just starting from the scratch and success does not happen overnight

3. Engage with content: Get those creative juices grinding! Bland status updates won't entice "likes" and feedback. They will simply sit in your fans' news feeds, mostly unseen. What you need to write is an interesting content that will fuel reactions and produce ongoing conversations

4. Build Brands through Facebook Ads: You can place a paid advertisement which will show up on Facebook to a niche targeted audience who has recommended that they have similar interests pertaining to the advert you have placed. Many small businesses are facing challenges for generating ROI, so this can be an effective tool to target your audience

5. Stay Active: Facebook is a very active and engaging community. There is always something occurring in your newsfeed. And if you don't actively take part, you will be left behind. Keep in mind fan involvement does not end with frequently publish updates. If you want to achieve maximum results, you have to apply your Facebook marketing efforts

6. Specify your market demand: Every internet marketing technique you’ve read–at least the good ones–probably recommended making goals for your specific market to overcome challenges. The purpose everyone refers to this is because goals are essential to deal with your biggest marketing needs.

While there are proven and tested Facebook strategies for small business, the achievement rate of your business relies on how you apply them.

blog-icon6 best ways to become a top brand on Instagram

In today’s time Instagram is a highly-targeted, visual advertising channel for your brand. In September 2017, the Instagram community grew to over 800 million monthly active users. Despite its amazing success, many business owners are still overlooking its marketing potential. Consequently, they're making high levels of engagement, brand awareness, and profit on the table. Here's a 6 step guide to become a top brand on Instagram:

1. Understand the power of pictures for stimulating curiosity: Instagram is one of the most popular ways brands use captivating images for marketing purposes. You can do the same by creating your brand with Instagram images that attract people in and make them curious. By catching viewer’s attention, you are more likely to make them return to your profile and stay as a top brand on Instagram

2. Create a natural look and feel: The most attractive accounts are those that are attractive to your eyes and have clear influencers. Creating content that people can associate with is the best way to get engaging followers. This will also allow the users to identify your brand’s account and will help them evaluate whether or not you recognise their vibe

3. Don’t overwhelm your audience: You want to post often enough that your brand remains appropriate, but at the same time, you don’t want to publish regularly that you overcome your followers and they end up un-follow your account because they will think you are regularly in their face

4. Create an entertaining hash-tag: Creating an entertaining hashtag is a wonderful way to make an immediate engagement, just make sure you are using hashtags in the right way. If you follow this best practice, you will not find difficult to stay as a top brand on Instagram

5. Build your Community: Hashtag is just the start of building your community on Instagram. They are the resources that can immediately broaden your reach and gain grip in the network. But relationship building is a two-way road. And in order for your relationships to succeed, you have to start interacting with your followers. This means liking and leaving comments on other people’s posts. Target these posts by using your hashtags reverse. The same hashtags list you’ve created for your content will also work to classify other people’s content for you—ultimately figuring out your focus and targeting your audience

6. Use creativeness to connect with your viewers: Being creative with your pictures is a wonderful way to stay as a top brand on Instagram and connect with your followers; it’s much more beneficial than posts that look like straight up advertisements. Instagram is the simplest and most fun-to-use social sharing network and it can be a remarkable tool in developing your organisation and in getting brand identification among your online customer base

After identifying your purpose, establishing social media strategy to support it, and monitoring performance, you’re well on the way to achieve revenue goal of your company.

blog-iconHow relevant social media strategy helps in achieving revenue goals?

By 2018, an estimated 2.62 billion people are using social media worldwide, which creates a humongous audience for businesses. They can deploy a relevant social media strategy to achieve revenue goals. The same can be said for brands – based upon on what are your product is and what you are trying to obtain, it's likely that you’re going to be using social media strategy a little (or a lot!) in a different way than other companies that are connected.

At this point hanging around, not having an effective social media presence is kind of like pulling out a flip phone at a business conference and then not knowing why your manager keeps giving all the new accounts. Below are some reason of considering social media as a revenue generator for your company

A powerful social media existence develops brand loyalty: Brands with effective social media strategy have more loyal customers. It’s easy to see why: when you’re interesting and communicating on social media you become less like a corporation and more like what you truly are — a specific those who share a vision. Your competition is getting social, so you should too: Did you know that 91% of brands are using more than one social media platform in achieving revenue goals? This isn’t something you want to fall behind the competition on because it’s more difficult to play catch up than it is to get in on the game early. If your competitors get to your potential customers first, they’ll earn their loyalty and you’ll have a hard time winning them over

After identifying your purpose, establishing social media strategy to support it, and monitoring performance, you’re well on the way to achieve revenue goal of your company.

blog-iconKeep your business in a good stead with App Development Services

Web development is a service that needs to be acquired by all those people who wish to have an internet based representation of their business. But, with the advancements that web development solutions already have undergone over the time, having simple websites is discovered to be highly inadequate if the company intends to reach its focus on market. There is an evergreen battle for continuous updates and newest technologies that help companies clinch greater business opportunities. As it is the era of applications, many companies discovered to get signed in App Development Services Delhi which will bring a good meaning for their business amongst competitors.

It is true that numerous software apps are made available by popular companies of world-fame, involved in Mobile App Development; IOS App Development and Android App Developing etc. But the demand is growing regularly, especially in the light of the fact that countries like India and China are competing with each other, in increasing the size of their online inhabitants extremely

Software applications are needed for allowing quick access to the website, directing through the site, getting needed details, choosing right support or product as needed, paying online in a safe and protected way and keeping in touch with the site continually thereafter for future needs etc.

blog-iconBenefits of branding your product or service from a reputed digital marketing agency in New Delhi

A creative agency is sometimes also known as digital marketing agency. As things are going digitally rapidly, such an agency is meant to give your businesses completely online presence on all channels. And if you want to give your brand an active presence digital channels, you shouldn’t make any delay in consulting a reputed digital marketing agency in New Delhi. Fortunately, they are lot of digital agency which always suggest & consult to get amazing results during your brand’s digital journey.

First step starts with your company website which is much more than just a medium to sell your product or service to your prospective clients . From creative perspective, it could be a breeding ground for meaning brand conversations in many ways. For example, you can embed a dedicated chat system through which you can have in touch with your existing and new customers. As majority of customers look towards internet before buying any product or service, a good digital marketing agency in New Delhi would ensure that your website appears on top of the search results pages on leading search engines.

You can get more profits because of the great conversion rate through the terminologies that are being used by your chosen digital agency.

At a time when doing digital has become the need of the hour for your brand, there is no point in testing waters but to count on an agency which has impeccable expertise in enhancing brand’s digital presence beautifully and functionally. So, fasten your seat belts for a wonderful digital journey that would take your brand on new heights.

blog-iconTop secrets to create a successful business website

Create a successful website Every business has realized the importance of creating an influential business website. With so much competition around, it is vital to develop highly competitive website.

Find few secrets to develop a highly responsive business website below:

Determine exact goal and target audience
Find out your exact goal and the needs of your target audiences.One can also take the help of the famous web designing experts in Delhi.

Incorporate responsive design
The website with highly responsive design enables the users to view it from varied sources and it also optimizes the way users interact with the web pages resulting in higher search engine traffic.

Direct and channelize the customers towards exactly what they need. Navigation should be easy and all the offerings should be made accessible on the homepage itself.

Provide the potential customers with exact information they are looking for. Keep the website content client oriented .

Apply best practices
Business owner should make sure that the website is truly reflective and exactly represents the quality and professionalism of the business. It should be attractive, easy to navigate, informative engaging and easy to find too.

blog-iconBest Internet Marketing Services in India

With more than 3 billion Websites on Google alone, making sure that visitors will find your site is, indeed a tough challenge. Competition is fierce for top listings. Yet, without regular visitors and quality leads, your Web site might as well not be there. Finding the right Internet Marketing partner is integral to the success of your Web site, and in a market notoriously fraught with assurances undelivered, you need a partner you can trust.

Sickey Digital in New Delhi, India is an ethical Internet Marketing company and only uses strategies that are acceptable to the search engines; you will see positive results quickly and reliably. Sickey Digitalis a leading Internet marketing agency based in New Delhi, India that specializes in making cutting-edge Internet marketing strategies. Being a pro in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Web promotion for over half-a-decade now, Sickey Digital Global, New Delhi, India, offers world class services and radical technologies across various industry verticals. Sickey Digital is an Internet Marketing Specialist with a dedicated team of qualified professionals. Our web promotion team in New Delhi, India, will always be available to help and assist you with respect to optimising your website.

Sickey Digital,specializes in Online Marketing strategies and web promotion solutions which will increase your online visibility, build brand awareness and ensure business growth. With more than half a decade of experience, Sickey Digital in New Delhi, India has been providing customized search engine optimization solutions to its clients across the globe. We are an experienced and ethical web promotion services provider striving to maximize our clients' revenues generated through their Websites.

If you need answers to the following questions, you need Sickey Digital
• Why do some Websites rank higher than others?
• Why isn't my Website ranking on the search engines?
• Which search engines should I target?
• What key-words/phrases are my potential customers searching for?
• How do I avoid banned techniques that may get my site blacklisted?
• Should I be using Search Engine Optimisation or Pay-per-Click advertising, or both?

blog-iconThe age of digital marketing for better business prospects

There is no denying that in the fast changing world people are consuming more and more digital information and content. They browse information daily on smart phones, laptops and tablets. Looking to the consumers, the business organizations need to adapt fast to digital world.

Digital marketing is the boon for dawning, growing and spreading business. It is the mushrooming force that is playing a deciding factor in advertising and stimulating business, product and services.

Large numbers of business firms are embracing the latest ways of marketing in the form of digital media. The digital methods of communication and advertising are quick, innovative, streamlined and are easily reachable to consumers.

Features of digital marketing:

Advantages of Digital marketing:

blog-iconEmergence of social media

In today's digital world, social media has been emerged as the most influential and beneficial tool for marketers and advertisers by the virtues of it's huge user base. So the main question arises from this trend in the mind is that how it's actually working and what is the conversion matrix of the social media Ad campaign and how is it better in comparison with other marketing strategies like search and affiliate.

As far as we think about this trend is that the social media marketing is an identity marketing where the marketers knows the target market like to which category they are placing the Ads and on that basis they can plan out the campaign. But in search marketing like Google selling Ads in search is an intent marketing, which is just an idea on which Google can make reasonable predictions for user's that they may be interested in a particular thing. And that's also a reason why we think that Facebook would be a more valuable company in coming 3 years than Google as identity marketing has much substantial role in comparison to assumption marketing and the matter of the fact that both companies drive more than 80% of their revenue from marketers.

blog-iconAdoption rate of internet for commerce

In recent days, the speed at which the commerce traders are adopting internet for the trade, better called as eCommerce, has seen a humongous rise. The online marketplaces are opening bigger windows and spending heavily on the seller platform and other infrastructure to increase the number of on-board sellers.

In a recent news, Flipkart, a leading eCommerce player in India, is planning to launch seller support facilities in 20 cities by the end of this year. The facilities, called 'Flipkart One Stop' will help sellers with various services like registration, training, cataloguing, packaging to financial assistance. This is required as well because the rate at which eCommerce is increasing and would peg to around $50 Billion by 2020, online marketplaces need high amount of sellers to tap the opportunity and scale well in the crushing competition. And there comes the importance of digital marketing as more and more brands starts selling online, they need good online marketing techniques and platforms to define their niche in the fast-pace competition.